Dear Customer

We currently expieriencing severe harware failures with our main internet servers
which have gradually worsened over past days.
The initial problems were caused by a power failure on Monday which has caused damage to the electrical compnents, RAID Drive Storage and SAS Expander Backplanes. Please be ensurted that we are working on the problem and currently migrating all functions to secondary server

Thank you for your patience.

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CNC-LONDON is an experienced, very dedicated and dependable, hands-on IT Consultancy and Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in North West London.

We provide a wide range of On-Site, Remote Assistance and Internet Hosting Services to various small and medium corporate customers in London and the South East of England.
Many consultancy and Internet services do not depend on geographical locations.

Established since 1998, we offer experience, dedication and provide reliable, cost effective but comprehensive services throughout information and communication technology.

Our dedication to open source software and incorporating solutions provide a near infinite flexibility with outstanding reliability and affordability.

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