Corporate IT Support in London

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Corporate IT Support and Solutions
  • IT Support, IT Management and IT Consultancy Services in London

  • CNC-LONDON is providing hands on IT support, maintenance and consultancy to small and medium sized businesses in the United Kingdom since 1998.
    We aim to provide cost effective, reliability, trouble free and secure solutions with the capacity and flexibility to suffice future demands.
  • Our Clients trade in a wide variety of industries, ranging from Mergents and Retailers to Financial Services, Digital Media Content, Recruitment and more.
    All of our clients value our straight forward and honest approach ensuring delivery of services and solutions you can build on.
  • Our Service includes

    • On Site Support

    • Our On-Site service features fast response time including out of office hour IT support.
      We can help you with software, hardware or networking issues , either maintenance, installation or repair.
      We are available on demand or if preferred on contract and agreed schedule.
    • IT Consultancy

    • A detailed understanding of technologies and environments relevant to various enterprises is the base of our consultancy service. Most clients use our services for 9 years and more.
      Getting a independent review, a evaluation of procedures and impartial opinion can be most vital when consolidating and expanding operations
    • Dedicated IT Support and Scheduled Maintenance

    • If you require dedicated support, complete or in addition a existing in-house IT Support Team, our knowledge and experience can benefit your day to day tasks or can be a valuable addition to your existing support function.
    • Remote Assistance, Support or Maintenance

    • Most tasks can be attended remotely and solved very quickly, saving On-Site Visit related charges and provide quick response between attending and solving the problem.

      The service includes remote server management or monitoring, day to day maintenance and support or trouble shooting problems at any time you require to keep your business operating.
    • FreeBSD and Linux Software Consultants and Management

    • We have 12 years experience in deploying, using, maintaining and supporting software such as FreeBSD, Linux, Qmail, Apache, Tomcat, Lighttpd, ProFTPD, Samba, PF Firewall, IP Tables and many more.
      Our emphasise is in supporting FreeBSD and this is a decision made by having experienced the most secure, most valuable support and most stable development practices in maintaining and delivering open source software.
      We love open source software and contribute financially or with labour when ever possible.
      If you are looking for help maintaining a current system, planning or to deploy new services and servers: we are here to help.
      We have deployed, maintained and managed a wide variety of servers and server services throughout the years and are ready to assist you either on site or using provided remote access to solve your problems.
      Security and reliability is our utmost priority.
    • Network Cabling and Equipment

    • We install and repair CAT5, CAT6, fibre optic cabling and all necessary equipment such as server cabinets, switches, routers and more.
      If moving office location, a new installation or expanding a existing network, we can provide you with the service and expertise.
    • Computer and Network Hardware

    • CNC-LONDON has provided computer hardware tailor made since 1998 to suit any enterprise levels and demands.
      We can provide:
      • Office Workgroup server (Multi Function),
      • Video and Graphic Editing Workstations,
      • Backup storage, local and remote,
      • Network Attached Storage (NAS),
      • Internet Servers for local or colocation,
      • Routers, Switches, Gateways,
      • High availability enterprise class server and cloud systems

      and other IT equipment.

    • Internet Routing and Firewall Equipment

    • In the past 12 years we have made expensive propertarian enterprise solutions and functionality available to small and medium sized corporations without limitations and the high purchase, setup and maintenance cost by using Open Source Software.
      If you require load balancing of servers or multiple ADSL line utilisation, VPN or SSl remote access, Secure WAN links between multiple locations, Internet Gateways and Proxy Devices; Call us to discuss your requirements.
    • Security, Data Management and RMADS

    • Planning, protecting and preparing for the continuation and security of corporate assets and operations are more essential then ever.
      We have supported and helped numerous clients to achieve redundancy and accreditation of compliance according to HMG IA Standard and ISO 27001.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us if your requirements are not listed above or you need additional information.
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    Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
    Leonardo da Vinci