Data Backup and Security

Data Security is affordable and Easy to Manage,
Guard your data with success and our assistance.

Corporate IT Support and Solutions

Remote (Online) Backup

From £0.25 each Gigabyte used per month

Data Protection is essential for every company and individuals.

Backing up data to a location outside you office will guard against a none recoverable loss caused by human error, theft and floods, fire or other natural disasters.

We are local in London, if you require a large amount of your backup data or are unable to download, call us and we will transfer and deliver the requested data on storage media at a reasonable charge.

  • Fully monitored:
    Receive daily, weekly and monthly reports on usage and access.
  • Automated backup, Schedule the data backup the way you need it
  • Support for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS
  • Secure online access to storage,
  • Byte level file synchronisation of new files and changed files such as large Outlook storage(.pst)
    Synchronise only the changes within a document or file
  • Pay for what you use, unlimited storage

Data Security and Management Consultancy

Securely store, organize and share files and data is important.

Not only storing files, but finding, keeping and control access with the appropriate restrictions is necessary.

CNC-LONDON can provide over 15 years practical experience in data management, storage and security; achieving business continuity and recovery in case something goes wrong.

  • Risk Management Assessments and Procedures
    (RMADS, .GOV.UK compliance Documentation Set)
  • Security Assessments and Audits
  • Data Storage and Management Consultation
  • Data Archiving and secure storage
  • Security, Usage and Server monitoring
    No complete service available for MS Windows™ Servers or Workstations due to limitation of functions and architecture
  • What is data

  • Anything containing information, either on paper or stored within IT systems can be regarded as data and is applicable to classification depending on its content.
    A simple paper note containing someone's contact details is usually unclassified but can be seen as restricted or confidential.
    Accounts databases and documents naturally are assumed restricted and mostly treated as confidential.
  • What is data security

  • Applied Data Security is the means to ensure that any data is kept safe from accidental or intentional unauthorised access or disclosure and any interference resulting in rendering data unavailable or unusable.
  • What are the risks

  • We are living in a digital world with most of our activities involving many forms of digital processing, storing or the transmission of information, either classifiable as private, sensitive or confidential.
    This poses a every day risk of data being disclosed to third parties without intention or being altered and rendered unusable resulting in high costs to reproduce or penalties to reputation and business.
    The "Data Protection Act" applies to everyone who stores, processes or is transmitting third party information regardless of being an individual or a entity.
  • How is information classified

  • Containing information is usually classified by its importance and value to a business, an individual or a collective.
    Further considerations are made by the direct or indirect level of impact or consequences the loss or disclosure of this information can have.
  • do I have to think about security

  • For the majority of businesses, yes.
    Classifying information using above criteria will help to establish data backup strategies and the implementation thereof, ensuring the lowest possible impact in the event of partial or complete loss of data contained within a system.

    Once data has been categorised, appropriate storing locations, hierarchy and departmental access restrictions can be implemented.

    If you are a Governmental contractor in the UK and receive protectively marked data for processing or storing, a more formal approach and solution is required.