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Web Development

Web Site, Web Application and Intranet Application Development

We create web sites; straight forward or very complex, small or large.
Over the past years we have successfully delivered projects of different sizes, technologies and purposes to our clients.

This includes Document filing systems, E-Commerce Applications, Management or Intranet applications, Presentations and more.

  • We are Developers specialising in PHP and other Posix

    What is POSIX®?
    POSIX is the Portable Operating System Interface, the open operating interface standard accepted world-wide. It is produced by IEEE and recognized by ISO and ANSI.
    POSIX support assures code portability between systems and is increasingly mandated for commercial applications and government contracts.

    Server Solutions

    • HTML, CSS cross-browser

      and mobile device compatible developments
    • JavaScript

      , jQuery, AJAX, JASON, XML integrated projects
    • PHP Developer

      , Procedural or Object Orientated
    • MySQL Database

      analytics and optimisation
    • Perl and other

      server side specific applications
    • Shell scripting

      in bash, sh, python, lsh and more
    • Custom APIs

      and management interfaces
    • Media Content Streaming

    • Flash and JavaScript

      driven animations
    • Video conversion

      , encoding for streaming and other purposes
    • Workflow and user friendly

      functional design
    • Office back end

    • Search engine optimisation

  • Server management, installation and configuration

    • We can setup, configure and manage you hosting platform, server or shared hosting environment
    • Security and performance of our web applications is fundamental
    • If you seek or require customised platforms, it will be done
  • Search engine optimisation at it's best

    • All web sites and feeds are achieving highest results
    • Searches for "Music Video DVD", "Music Video Downloads", "Wedding DJ London" and other related keywords have been on the first resulting page in Goggle for 2 consecutive years.
    • We utilise and understand most requirements and techniques used by various search engines to drive your success
    • We can assist you to visualise web site performance and effectiveness using Goggle analytics, Adword campaigns and more
We are dedicated IT Professionals and utilise 15 years of hands on experience.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if your requirements are not listed above or for additional information.
Sample Web Sites